Welcome to Pomeranian Training

We are crazy about pomeranians! But while we treasure this little dog, they are so much more enjoyable if they are trained.  Even just basic training will help make your pom an actual part of the family.

Black Pomeranian Pomeranians are a miniature dog with a long, thick fur coat and small eyes. The tail is usually curled over the pom’s back. The pom is considered a toy dog breed because of the small size.

The pomeranian is said to have the keenest hearing of the toy dog breeds. He may also be the most intelligent. The pomeranian is a miniature Spitz type dog with a northern ancestry. The actual origin of the Spitz type dog is not known, but most of the Spitz types come from the artic regions.

Pomeranians are dainty, lively, friendly and affectionate.   They are intellligent and respond nicely to obedience training, but otherwise they will do what they want to do.  They are barkers – they will bark suspiciously to any outside noise. Basically the pomeranian is a healthy, fit dog.

Poms will seek out cooler surroundings, therefore, it’s not uncommon to find one lying  on a cold tile floor.  They have a very thick coat, consisting of an outer coat and a finer, softer undercoat of hair. 

Pomeranian’s are very intelligent and therefore are reasonably easy to housebreak.  They enjoy having a space in the house that is just theirs and love their toys.  Their sweet disposition endears them to their owners, many who couldn’t fathom being without a pom in the house.